Pride packers & relocations is a professional company offering the complete corporate packers and movers / office packers and movers with a special touch.we handle all your office belongings in a safe and secure manner as we aware the importance of it.

Your moving process begins with a free estimate. A professional mover from our company will complete a visual inspection of the items that you need to move from one office to another. This free visual estimate will provide you with the basic information and quote that you need in order to get started on your move


After providing a free visual estimate, our professional team will  work to create an inventory of all of your items, including furniture stuff and boxed items. Making an accurate inventory will ensure that all of your items are examined & ready to move for a next process.


Our professional packers will save your time by packing and unpacking all of your belongings. We will safely prepare all electronics for transport. We will wrap furniture and art so that all of your belongings make it safely to your new destination.


Our company will ensure that your move is a streamlined and smooth process. We will label your boxes so that they can quickly make it to the exact location where you want them. We will use color coding to make the process even more efficient. We realize how important it is for an office to be up and running as quickly as possible after an office relocation. We will ensure that all of your financial records and files are organized and put in place at the new location. This will help your office to resume business more quickly.


We also provide dis-assembly services so that we can move larger pieces of office furniture and equipment. We will also reassemble these items at the new location.


Once our professional movers arrive at the new location, they will begin to transport the boxes and other belongings into their exact location. We will work on a moving plan prior to the move so limited supervision is required. By setting up all of the items and furniture pieces where they need to go, your employees will be able to focus on their job and their goal to make profit for your business while our professional movers complete all of the hauling. Contact pride packers & relocations for a free quote for your office relocation.